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We are specialists in the preparation of Wills, ranging from simple holdings to complex, international asset and child custody planning. Remember, if you are a parent, it is never too early to have a basic Will in place to protect your loved ones.

Take advantage of our boutique trust advice, if you feel you may benefit from early estate planning, or simply want to be as efficient as possible with your hard earned assets.

Please get in touch immediately if you require estate administration and probate services, or if you are or think you may be about to enter a dispute regarding an estate.

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We can assist you with any range of service you require, from basic, local wills to complex, international wills.

Our expertise range from Wills in Canada, the UAE, the UK and East Africa that deal with single assets to large business and property portfolios.

Get in touch with us whatever your requirements may be.


Our extensive network of trust providers can be your partner in securing your families current and future financial security, ensuring tax efficiency and optimal estate planning.

Connect with us today to see if a Trust could help you and your family manage your assets in a more productive, private and secure manner.

Estates and probate

Dealing with estates and probate is challenging legally and emotionally. Let us help make this difficult time easier for you. Whether you need estate administration, probate services or are an interested party in an estate dispute, get in touch with us immediately to help guide you through the process.

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